Lately, I have been noticing that when my North Node (mission in life) shifted to the sign of Gemini (dual) for 18 months last May 2020 up to January 2022 lots of my clients’ questions are almost all about Relationships. In my Natal/Birth Chart, my 7th House (house of Relationships) cusp is in the sign of Gemini (ruler Mercury). Mercury is continually active in my birth chart as it is in an Angular position, 10th House (career, status quo), and 7th house (relationships, other people). My Mercury planet is in the sign of Aquarius (the sign of Astrologer) …r) …

Relationships Astrology is very complex. Relationships are what life is all about. If we cannot share our joys and sorrows, life can seem lonely and unfulfilled! Whenever I do Relationships Astrology Readings, I need to check first the birth charts (Natal Astrology) of the individuals involved. I need to do the Synastry Chart (chart comparison – how one person’s planets relate to another person’s and interpret the outcome) and the Composite chart (is a chart of the midpoints between two charts; it is the birth chart of the relationship).

There are different kinds of relationships:
1. Working Partners (Business Partners)
2. Mother/Son Relationship (Family Relationships)
3. Father/Daughter Relationships
4. Grandparents/Grandchildren Relationship
5. Friendships Relationships

One of my expertise now (aside from SOLAR RETURN – SNAPSHOTS OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU FOR THE YEAR AND LUNAR RETURN – SNAPSHOTS OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU FOR THE MONTH) is on Relationships Astrology. I guess it is about time for me to do a lecture/presentation on this topic… I already did my lecture/presentation on SOLAR RETURN last year. I also did a lecture on the POWER OF LUNAR RETURNS AND THE POWER OF ECLIPSES last February and March this year, respectively, in our Vancouver / Fraser Valley Astrological Guild, of which I am the President, since 2015.

I am so happy that, once again, I was able to help my clients with their problems in life, as far as Relationships are concerned… They were able to understand why things are happening in their Relationships; the things they need to do for their relationships to work out… It is a Karmic Relationship for them as one person’s Sun/Moon conjunct the North Node (Mission in Life), and Pluto conjunct the South Node (past life)…There was a couple that I did reading today (7/18/20) that I already saw in my dreams as well…


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