Certificate of Attendance_RebeccaGarcia.pdf – Feb 26, 2017


What a Wonderful message I received from one of my clients. I am glad that I am of big help to her. I did her Natal Chart, Solar Return, Lunar Return, Transit, Progressed, and Relocation Chart Readings!

I dreamt of her prior to the day of my reading on her. Most of the time, I dream (I dream every night; I dreamt of the COVID-19) my clients before I meet them…
Thank you, Lord, for your blessings and guidance…I know this is my mission (North Node in Aquarius) in life, to be an Astrologer – to help other people…🙏😇💜

FROM Shelly S.

My family and I have known Rebecca for the last 20 years. She is one of the most caring people that we have ever seen. She has been there for us as long as I can remember. She has helped us to deal with challenges in our lives, being family or financial issues and difficulties with her accurate readings…

She is a gifted Astrologer who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients.
She never stops studying new techniques in Astrology in order to serve her clients better.

We are so fortunate and blessed to have her in our lives.

Thank you, Rebecca for all your help!

From Polly G.

I was a bit skeptical about Astrology at first when I went to see Rebecca, but after she did two Astrological readings with me, in a span of three years, my belief in Astrology completely changed as I could see the evidence in the unfolding of events in my life…
I found Rebecca to be very accurate in doing Astrological chart readings. She was on target and thorough when explaining why certain things and events happened or did not happen in my life. Things that Rebecca said made so much sense to me. Her readings with me were eye openers for me as they validated my life experiences…

In addition to the immense amount of wisdom and knowledge that Rebecca has, she is also very genuine, honest and kind. Rebecca gave me sincere, valuable and useful information and advice on when and how to take actions that were best aligned with my Astrological Chart.
I found Rebecca’s readings with me to be very enjoyable, empowering and uplifting. She has also moved me to take inspired action in the direction of my dreams in life.

Thank you Rebecca for your excellent readings! I look forward to seeing you again for my future readings.

From: Maria Elizabeth H.

“Rebecca was referred to me by one of her existing clients. Rebecca helped me understand how important the time, date, place of my birth and alignment of planets really influence my journey in life.

Looking at my Natal chart, Rebecca could describe my personality accurately, good and bad, and gave me advice on how to turn weaknesses into strengths. Her report on my natal chart was the confirmation I needed… that what I knew about myself was true, while learning the unexpected revelation of what my karmic lessons are, and how I needed to pass them. I have also received a forecast for the year and was shocked to see how accurately she predicted a new opportunity, months before the event happened. She was also able to tell me the past, present, and future… She did the Natal, Transitting, Progressed and the Solar Return readings. They were all well explained; very insightful…

I went back to see Rebecca recently (December 15, 2016), for a Solar Return reading. (“The Solar Return is the return of the Sun to its natal position. The Return Chart is a summary of the year ahead. A striking year will be one where a planet is partile or within a degree to one of the angles like Ascendant or Midheaven” ) and I am excited to hear that with a little more patience, my sunshine is on its way😊. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND REBECCA FOR ASTROLOGICAL SERVICES!

Maria Elizabeth H.

Joan G:

“HELLO REBECCA! I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU FOR THE EXCELLENT READING YOU DID TO ME OVER THE TELEPHONE LAST WEEK!!! YOUR READING WAS BRILLIANT, RIGHT ON TARGET!!! Honestly, to tell you the truth, at first, I was skeptical about Astrology and hesitant to have you do reading for me…I am glad that I followed the advice of my friend, who is your long-time client, to see you, to ask for advice…

When you did my reading over the telephone last week, I was AMAZED at HOW YOU could TELL ME EXACTLY MY PAST, PRESENT, AND THE FUTURE…INDEED, I SUFFERED A LOT IN THE PAST…You could pinpoint how my parents treated me when I was growing up…how the abusive relationship with my ex-husband… (all showing in my birth chart) …I wish I have known you earlier…

Everything went well with all my projects because of your excellent advice!!! I could sell my house, more than the asking price… The Purchaser added an additional $100,000 to my asking price and I got my dream house in Vancouver Island too, at a very good price. I will be moving soon, with the right day/time you had given me…

I did not make any decisions on those days that you told me not to… even though I was prepared to as you said to hold on on my decisions for another two days as the Moon was not in good aspect with my natal Jupiter/Venus planets. I followed your advice and did not make any decision that day…true enough everything fell in the right direction… At first, when I came home the purchaser was being finicky with the house deal, so I thought, fine, it will be ok because per Rebecca my reading said I would sell… And then tithe the sale. And when I was over in Vancouver Island I realized that I really like the area and I chose and picked out the beautiful house that would suit me…I bought my dream house after I heard that subjects are removed. And I phoned my sister in law and she said I could stay with them because it has the following day, I heard from my realtor that they will be removing the subjects and going ahead was transition period of one to two weeks before my home will be ready. It is all as you said it would be per my chart. Now I am just waiting for the man that’s showing in my chart! Ha! Now, the Sun is shining on me… I would like you to do my daughter and my grandson’s charts too… AGAIN, THANK YOU IN PEACE AND LIGHT! YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING TO ME AND I THANK GOD FOR MEETING YOU!!! FOR SURE, I WILL BE YOUR FOREVER CLIENT!!! I WOULD LIKE YOU TO DO MY SOLAR RETURN NEXT YEAR TOO! Love! JG”

Denny of Indonesia:
I got introduced to Rebecca by a friend of mine. The reason I talked to her was that I felt that my life was in a “limbo”, and that moment was the first time I felt that no matter what I did, my life had no progress.

Not knowing what I might discover, I came to her simply want to open my perspective about what was happening in the universe and how was that affecting me. You see, that was my first experience with astrological reading.

And the outcome of our session was GREAT! She gave me lots and lots of valuable advice and up to this point, I am still in contact with her. She has a warm personality and I felt very comfortable discussing the reading with her. She took the time explaining the reading and the process wasn’t rushed.

Lastly, I really appreciate that she suggested to me to say my prayer and she even kept me on her prayer. I think that quality is truly what sets her value from other Astrologers/Practitioners.

Those with knowledge but without conscience are lost, and the others with a conscience but without knowledge are naive, and Rebecca has both.

Thanks, so much Aunt Rebecca (Becky) for your insightful/GREAT advice! Looking forward to seeing you again!


B. S. from New York

Thank you for your insightful reading that you did to me. My life has completely changed to a better one since you did readings on me. I am now a very successful businesswoman, all because you have guided me… I highly recommend you to those who want their readings done…Blessings!